David Tafuri Children: Does The Lawyer Have One?

David Tafuri children and family are exciting topics to consider. Does he have any children?

David Tafuri is an international lawyer, currently serving as a Partner at an International law firm in Arent Fox.

Tafuri earned a J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center in 1996. He is also an author, contributing to the Washington Post, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Hill newspaper since 2010.

Furthermore, David Tafuri is a foreign policy contributor who runs emerging democracies practice in the legal work in the Middle West, South Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Tafuri has visited conflicts and post-conflict countries, advising public international law, policies, political issues, economic development, and investment.

Moreover, Tufuri has lived in countries like Turkiye, Spain, Iraq, and Greece.

Today, besides his work and career, we will talk about his life, David Tafuri children, and family. 

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Many people are curious to know about David Tafuri children and family. So, Does he have any?

Yes, David Tafuri is the father of his son Torian Tafuri. Torian is one year old, and he was born on June 21.

David Tafuri children
David Tafuri with his son Torain Tafuri and wife Anastasia Vakula. (Source: Instagram)

David has shared many pictures of his son on social media. Torian is a cute baby born to David Tafuri and his wife, Anastasia Vakula.

Furthermore, David has shared many beautiful photographs of his son, where we can see him traveling and hiking with him.

In September 2023, David, with his wife and son, went to a beautiful home in the mountains of Ukraine.

Besides that, we can also see Torian playing with his father and mama. Torian plays with his bulldog and enjoys his father’s company.

During his career, David Tafuri had to move to different countries. There are also some pictures where we can see Torian catching the “I Miss You sign” board and greeting and welcoming his father at the airport.

So, David Tafuri and Anastasia Vakula feel blessed to be surrounded by their lovely baby boy, Torian Tafuri.

David Tafuri Family Details

David Tafuri shares a beautiful family with his wife, Anastasia Vakula. The pair tied their wedding knot on September 5, 2021.

They are the parents of their beautiful son, Torian Tafuri. The beautiful family of three resides in Washington, D.C.

David Tafuri’s wife, Anastasia Vakula, is a proud Ukranian. She is part of a mission Global Youth Climate Network.

David Tafuri children
David Tafuri and his wife, Anastasia Vakula. (Source: Instagram)

GYCN is a community established by World Bank Group Young that aims to contribute to the global climate agenda through active youth engagement.

Furthermore, Anastasia supports the Ukraine Volya Foundation. Anyone in a spot to help can donate some funds to the foundation.

The foundation aims to provide humanitarian aid to fulfill daily needs and social, emotional, and psychological services to children suffering from the wars.

Looking at her social media, we can see many beautiful family pictures of Anastasia with her son and husband. She is a sweet mama of Torian. David shares a beautiful married life with his wife.

So, David Tafuri’s wife is involved in many social works. Besides that, she is a lovely mother to his son Torian.

Overall, David Tafuri is a lawyer who has been part of many legal works of different countries, advising and informing about international laws and policies. Besides, he is a loving husband and father in his family.

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