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Find out more about Dynamo Buried Alive Magic Show Video Viral, since the magician himself said he tried to kill himself three years ago. How did he get away?

Dynamo, a famous magician and illusionist, recently talked about a scary time in his life.

By saying that he tried to kill himself last year, he showed how bad his sadness really was.

This highly personal journey was shown on Dynamo’s most recent special, “Buried Alive,” which aired on Sky Max on December 18, 2023. This was a touching choice.

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Aside from showing off his amazing magic, he also let viewers in on his personal issues with mental health through this platform.

Dynamo’s honest admission shows how important it is to deal with mental health problems, even in people who seem unbeatable.

By telling his story, he promotes strength and reminds fans all over the world that behind every illusion is a person dealing with the difficulties of life.

The decision was made by Dynamo to use his magical abilities to assist other people and bring awareness to issues related to mental health.

His prank, which he termed “Buried Alive,” consisted of his being buried alive for a period of one hundred hours under six feet of soil, and he broadcast the entire experience live for the entire globe to observe.

According to him, he wanted to demonstrate to individuals that they are not alone and that they are capable of overcoming difficult situations and fears.

Dynamo Buried Alive Magic Show Video Viral : Dynamo Suicide Thought Due To Depression
Throughout his life, Dynamo struggled with mental health issues like as depression and anxiety, enduring significant obstacles and pondering ideas of hopelessness. ( Source: )

There were millions of people who watched it online, and it quickly spread across social media platforms, making it a huge success.

Dynamo stated that he received a quantity of mails expressing gratitude to him for sharing his tale and providing them with hope.

When he realized he could make a difference, he felt joy and pride. Both his head and his body are in a much better position now, according to Dynamo.

Dynamo Suicide Thought Due To Depression: What Brought Him To The Edge

He goes by the stage name Steven Frayne and has been doing magic since he was a youngster. His TV show Dynamo: Magician Impossible, which ran from 2011 to 2014, made him famous.

He has also played for famous people like Will Smith, Jay-Z, and David Beckham.

But behind the scenes, Dynamo was having problems with anxiety and sadness. Even though he has millions of fans, he said he felt alone and lonely.

He also had Crohn’s disease, a long-term inflammatory gut disease that made him very sick and made him lose a lot of weight.

Dynamo Buried Alive Magic Show Video Viral : Dynamo Suicide Thought Due To Depression
After discovering that Dynamo had attempted suicide during the “Buried Alive” special, fans who were devastated by the news gathered around him and offered him an amazing amount of support. ( Source: Telegraph. co )

Dynamo finally gave up in November 2020 and chose to end his own life. He said that he was stuck and didn’t feel like there was any way out of his pain.

He took way too many pills and then laid in bed, ready to die. Luckily, Dynamo’s wife Kelly Frayne found him asleep and called for help.

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He was taken to the hospital right away and treated and brought back to life. He said that what he had done made him feel bad and guilty, but he was also thankful to be living.

Dynamo knew he needed help, so he went to therapy. He also got back in touch with his family and friends, who were there for him as he got better.

He said that he learned how to handle his feelings and enjoy the good things in his life.

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