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Harry Stead

In a heartbreaking incident, Harry Stead, a young volunteer firefighter in his early 20s, has been identified as the brave soul who tragically lost his life while battling a bushfire near his hometown on Boxing Day.

A Hero’s Farewell

Harry Stead was part of the crew assisting in fighting a fire at Coomalbidgup, about 50km from the regional center of Esperance in Western Australia. The young hero was fatally injured after falling from a private firefighting vehicle.

Remembering Harry Stead

Stead, known for his courage and commitment to service, is being remembered as a devoted firefighter who gave his all to protect his community. His death is a tragic reminder of the risks that firefighters take every day to keep us safe.

A Community Mourns

The news of Stead’s passing has deeply affected the community he served. Residents, fellow firefighters, and officials have expressed their sorrow and condolences, paying tribute to the young man’s bravery and dedication.

A Call to Action

This tragic incident underscores the danger that bushfires present, not just to the environment but also to those fighting them. As large parts of Australia continue to grapple with catastrophic fire weather, it serves as a call to action for better safety measures and support for our heroic firefighters.

Our thoughts are with Harry’s family, friends, and colleagues during this difficult time. His courage will not be forgotten.

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