How to keep your Slack status active while ‘working’ from home

For those navigating the world of remote work, appearing “active” on Slack can be a challenge. The messaging tool, widely used for remote communication, displays a green bubble next to users’ handles to indicate their availability. However, Slack’s conditions for determining activity can be restrictive. In this article, we explore clever hacks to keep your Slack status active, including using a wireless mouse connected to a toy train or an optical mouse on a smartphone. We also reveal a simple trick for iPhone users to permanently keep their Slack bubble green. Discover how to maintain the appearance of productivity, even while enjoying a beach nap. Read more

Ensuring that your Slack status bubble remains green can be a valuable skill for those seeking a little extra personal autonomy while working remotely. While Slack may not provide a permanent active status option, there are ways to trick the system and keep that bubble green. One effective method is to adjust your iPhone settings. By setting your phone’s “Auto-Lock” feature to never and keeping the Slack app open, your status bubble will remain active as long as your phone is on. To conserve battery life, you can decrease the screen brightness and simply slide your phone into your pocket as you go about your day. This way, you can enjoy a well-deserved break or attend to personal matters without the worry of appearing inactive on Slack.

How do I permanently keep my Slack status bubble green?

You will remain active as long as the Slack mobile app is open and running on your phone. Go into your phone’s settings and set your screen time-out to never. From there, all you need to do is keep the app open and don’t turn your phone screen off.

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How long does Slack show you as active?

The Slack message servers will automatically detect activity in the client. After 10 minutes with no activity, the user is automatically marked as away .

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Can Slack monitor activity?

Yes, Slack does track data that allows the platform to estimate your location. Slack usually knows a business address provided by your employer and captures your IP address from your browser. Moreover, a workspace owner can track team members’ access logs which contain their IP addresses.

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