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Theresa Cachuela

In a heartrending incident that has left the community and followers across the globe in shock, social media influencer Theresa Cachuela was fatally shot by her estranged husband at a shopping center in Pearlridge, Hawaii. The tragedy unfolded in front of her 11-year-old daughter.

A Brutal Act of Violence

Theresa Cachuela, a mother of three, was known for her vibrant presence on social media. Her life was tragically cut short when her estranged husband, Jason Cachuela, opened fire in a parking lot near Pearlridge Center. After the horrific act, Jason was later found dead in Waipahu, reportedly from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Family Speaks Out

In the aftermath of this tragic event, Theresa’s family has spoken out, vowing to combat domestic violence. The incident occurred just two weeks after Theresa had been granted a protective order against her husband.

A Community in Mourning

Theresa’s death has sparked an outpouring of grief from her followers and the local community. A growing memorial at the Pearlridge Center serves as a poignant reminder of the beloved influencer and dedicated mother lost to senseless violence.

Residents are now calling for stricter laws to protect individuals from domestic violence, highlighting the urgent need for change.

Our thoughts go out to Theresa’s family, especially her children, during this painful time. May her tragic loss serve as a wake-up call, inspiring necessary action to prevent such devastating incidents in the future.

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