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The latest autopsy report on theKirsten Kluyts Rape Case, which showed that there were no visible injuries, has sparked discussions online.

Kirsten Kluyts was a teacher in Johannesburg. In George Lea Park in Sandton, she was raped and killed.

She was 21 years old and went to Varsity College. He was charged with murder and rape and was also 21 years old.

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The accused, however, said he wasn’t guilty and that he found Kluyts’ body after she was already dead.

Still, a criminal law expert stressed how important it was for a district surgeon to find out if there had been sexual abuse.

Once the information was given, the case went on, and the accused person applied for bail.

Kirsten Kluyts Rape Case: What happened to her?

Kirsten Kluyts, a teacher from Joburg who was 21 years old and a student at Varsity College, died in George Lea Park in Sandton.

Many questions remained about how she died, and the case was turned over to the police for further study.

The suspect, who is also a 21-year-old man, was caught for killing her.

The state showed evidence in court that the accused had reportedly been following Kluyts around before she died.

His cell phone’s GPS showed that he was at the park the morning of the incident, which was different from what he said happened.

An autopsy report done three days after Kluyts’ death revealed some interesting things about the case.

The person charged with rape and murder of Kirsten Kluyts read part of her autopsy report in court on Tuesday.

According to the report, her external genitalia, lips, anus, perineal area, and vaginal canal did not look like they were hurt.

Kirsten Kluyts Rape Case: Who is Killer Bafana Mhungela, CCTV Footage And Instagram
Kirsten Kluyts was 14 weeks pregnant when she died, according to the medical report. ( Source: Reddit )

During court hearings, the accused made this point clear while reading from the autopsy report.

Advocate Mannie Witz, a criminal law expert, warned that this information did not prove for sure that Kluyts was raped.

It was Witz’s explanation that penetration could only be proven by a district surgeon’s check of the person’s insides.

A lot of the 11-page autopsy report is kept secret. The only thing that is known is that Kluyts died from a blow to the head and was 14 weeks pregnant.

The case stayed complicated, with new information coming in and questions about what happened that tragically killed Kirsten Kluyts.

Because of the case of Kirsten Kluyts, Bafana Mahungela is being charged with murder with intent, rape, and violent robbery.

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Mahungela, who is 21 years old, is currently asking the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court for bail.

Prosecutor Ayanda Bakana showed pictures of Mahungela following Kirsten Kluyts on the morning her body was found in Gold Coast’s George Lea Park.

To back their case against him, the state showed evidence such as cellphone tower data and CCTV footage.

Kirsten Kluyts Rape Case: Who is Killer Bafana Mhungela, CCTV Footage And Instagram
Bafana Mahungela has said that he has nothing to do with Kirsten’s death or rape case.(Source: SNL24 )

More pictures show Mahungela wearing clothes that belong to Kluyts. In their answer, the accused questioned whether the pictures shown in court were real.

The person who was accused disagreed with the state’s timeline, saying that the events shown on CCTV video did not match up with when Kluyts was last seen.

He said that the shadows and features didn’t match up, which meant he wasn’t following Kluyts like they showed. He also said he had only stolen Kluyts’ clothes.

Mahungela also asked about the event Kluyts was going to, implying that the crime might have been planned by someone who knew she would be there.

Mahungela argued against the evidence used against him during his bail application, which shows that the case is complicated.

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