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The viral video of Sameer Kazi Beed Viral Video On Telegram has caused a lot of trouble, which has led to investigations and legal measures.

A teacher called Sameer at Milliya Secondary School in Maharashtra’s Beed district has been involved in a scandalous event.

The problem is with sexual MMS videos that show Sameer and three female teachers from the same school.

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These movies got into adult private messaging groups that weren’t supposed to have them. It got around a lot and made people wonder about the legality of sharing such material.

This story goes into more depth about the Sameer Kazi Beed video that went viral on Telegram and how Sameer was then suspended from Milia Secondary School.

People all over Telegram shared the graphic video of Sameer Kazi Beed.

Different people have different ways of pronouncing Sameer’s name, so the scandalous videos on private message groups had different taglines. Their names were written wrong: Amer, Qazi, and Aamer.

Many people talked about the sexual MMS videos of Sameer with three female teachers on different websites.

The images were shared on more than one social media site. In the meantime, they got into adult secret messaging groups that they weren’t supposed to be in, like Telegram.

When the school director put in a complaint, the scandal went to court. Because of this, the cops made a FIR against Sameer.

The charges, which include breaking sections 292(2), 294, and 500 of the IPC and the IT Act, show how bad the situation is. Police searched for Sameer because he is currently on the run.

Milia Secondary School Teacher Sameer Kazi Beed Viral Video On Telegram
It looks like the tweet has a link or some information about a movie that has something to do with Sameer Kazi Beed. ( Source: Twitter )

The main focus of the probe is on how many relationships Sameer has with other women.

Milia Secondary School Teacher Sameer Kazi Suspended

Due to the dispute over the inappropriate content, Sameer Kazi, a teacher at Milia Secondary School, has been fired.

In the middle of the controversy, Sameer’s wife openly accused him of being immoral. They told the cops about it at the City Kotwali station in the Beed district.

The Milliya School, which is run by the Anjuman Ishat-e-Talim group, is now dealing with the effects of the incident.

Even though the charges against Sameer are very serious, no one knows where he is because he is still avoiding the police. The scandal has made the school officials do things.

Also, the three female teachers who were in the explicit movies were fired. The claims made by Sameer’s wife reveal a disturbing story.

Milia Secondary School Teacher Sameer Kazi Beed Viral Video On Telegram
The tweet makes it sound like it’s sharing material or information about Sameer Kazi Beed. ( Source: Twitter )

She said that Sameer had admitted out loud to having affairs with several girls and even marrying another woman since 2012.

After being married to him for 16 years, his wife said she had doubts about what he was doing since 2012.

Sameer Kazi Wife Accused Him Of Immoral Behaviour

According to Sameer’s wife’s claims, she was tricked at first and found out about his affairs in 2019.

Sameer admitted to having affairs with other women in public and told his wife to accept it. The wife kept telling a female cop in the school’s management about Sameer’s bad behavior.

Even though she gave proof, it looked like her efforts were ignored or not taken seriously. She had to use a flash drive to save pictures and videos from Sameer’s laptop to back up what she said.

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Sameer’s wife was hurt by the news because it showed how sexual his relationships with female teachers were. It also shows that girls are supposedly being brought to school and into people’s homes.

People who spoke out against these actions were threatened with harm, which made people feel scared and unsafe.

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