Nicholas Godejohn Parents: Mother Stephanie & Father

Curiosity surrounds his family background as the Nicholas Godejohn case continues to capture public attention. Who are Nicholas Godejohn Parents?

Nicholas Godejohn, forever linked to the notorious 2015 murder of Dee Dee Blanchard, is a figure entrenched in the intricate world of true crime.

He is serving a life sentence in connection with Dee Dee’s murder, while Gypsy is serving a 10-year sentence for her involvement in the crime.

At age 26, his life trajectory became inexorably intertwined with that of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, Dee Dee’s daughter, through an online relationship that descended into darkness.

Although the details of his early life remain largely concealed, glimpses portray a socially awkward young man seeking connection.

Online, he discovered solace and camaraderie in gaming communities, but it was the virtual encounter with Gypsy that proved fateful.

Driven by sympathy for her alleged ailments and manipulated by her pleas for liberation from Dee Dee’s oppressive control, Nicholas became entangled in a chilling plot.

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Nicholas Godejohn resided with his mother, Stephanie Goldammer, and his stepfather, Charles Goldammer.

His family, particularly his father, largely remains out of the public eye.

Nicholas mother, Stephanie Goldammer, and stepfather, Charles Goldammer, have chosen to maintain a private life following the 2015 events.

As per authentic police and media interviews, it appears that neither of Nick’s parents was aware of his and Gypsy’s plot to murder Dee Dee Blanchard.

Nicholas Godejohn ParentsNicholas Godejohn resided with his mother, Stephanie Goldammer, and his stepfather, Charles Goldammer (Source: Distractify)

But, Nicholas’s stepfather Charles, speaking to ABC 12 at the time, expressed his disbelief, stating, “All I know is the SWAT team came this morning, took my wife and me out of here, something with my stepson, supposedly he did something in Missouri, which we don’t believe because he wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

However, Nicholas Godejohn’s parents knew that Gypsy, typically seen in a wheelchair, could walk.

In the same interview, Charles remarked, “There’s nothing wrong with her. She’s okay. She walks and talks and does everything fine.

I know nothing about her except [Godejohn], and she talked online.

It’s his girlfriend, and he went down there to get her and brought her back here. That’s about all I know.”

On the other hand, to recap the events between June 10 and June 15, 2015, Godejohn arrived at Gypsy’s residence and fatally stabbed Dee Dee multiple times around 3 a.m. on June 10.

In the days following the crime, Nick and Gypsy packed their belongings and spent two nights at a Days Inn before heading to Wisconsin.

Upon their arrival on June 13, they stayed at Godejohn’s residence with his mother, stepfather, and brother.

Inside Nicholas Godejohn Family

While there is limited online information about Nicholas Godejohn’s parents, it is known that his mother, Stephanie Goldammer, entered another marriage at some point.

Notably, Godejohn’s living arrangement with his mother and stepfather, Charles Goldammer, brought him into contact with Gypsy.

Stephanie Goldammer and Charles Goldammer played a significant role in Godejohn’s family structure, and it was within this household that Gypsy first encountered him.

Nicholas Godejohn ParentsNicholas had any other close family members, such as siblings or extended relatives (Source: Nypost)

Besides this, it’s also unclear if Nicholas had other close family members, such as siblings or extended relatives. Their names and any potential involvement in the case haven’t been made public.

While the public’s interest in Nicholas Godejohn’s story is understandable, it’s crucial to respect the privacy of his family members, who haven’t chosen to be thrust into the limelight.

Their decision to remain private should be acknowledged and upheld.

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