What Happened to Ylvis? what does the fox say funeral

what does the fox say funeral: After a clip and stills of Norwegian singer Bard (from the duo Ylvis) laying down in a coffin circulated the web, folks wanted to know what happened.

One-hit wonders that go viral from artists who appear out of nowhere and become hugely famous on the internet are an interesting phenomenon. These songs are everywhere for a few weeks or even months. About a year or two later, playing the song at a party is seen as rude until the right level of “throwback” is met.

One of these artists is Ylvis, which is made up of brothers Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker. In November 2023, fans started to worry that Bård might have died. But what did really happen? What has Ylvis been doing since their 2013 hit song?

In November 2023, the Norwegian network VGTV showed video of Bård’s funeral, where he was seen lying in a coffin in front of a lot of people dressed in black. This led to rumors that the “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” singer had died.

what does the fox say funeral

Online rumors have recently been going around that Bård Ylvisåker, the singer of “What Does the Fox Say” and “Ylvis” pair, has died. The reason for this is that he was seen on TV lying in a coffin at a funeral. Even though it looked like a real event, it wasn’t. In real life, the famous artist has not died.

If you don’t know, Ylvis’s most famous song is “What Does the Fox Say,” which got a lot of attention online. Numerous people were shocked when they heard the song because it had strange words and a very good music video. The song came out in September 2013 and has the members of Ylvis singing:

When the member of Ylvis was laid to rest at a funeral in November, a video of the scene went viral online. In the background, Maria Mena and Snorre Monsson sang “What Does the Fox Say” with a lot of power.

At first, people in the church thought their performance was strange. But as the song went on, people in the background could be seen laughing and clapping.

What Does the Fox Say singer Bård Ylvisåker has not died

The clip going viral across social media platforms was actually taken from the VGTV series Thank you for everything, Bård Ylvisåker. In it, the artist attends his own staged funeral by lying in an open coffin.

YouTube user @0JackOfSpades revealed under the Singing “What does the fox say” in “funeral” video by Morten Ramm that the Ylvis member was interviewed following the event. The netizen added:

Snorre Monsson, one of the folks who played the funeral, also shared a video of the fake funeral on Instagram. As promised, he said in the post’s description that the event was not real:

The idea behind the show sounds disgusting, but the What Does the Fox Say singer didn’t have any problems with it. In a talk with Nettavisen, he said:

“That doesn’t bother me at all.” I enjoy it a lot… There are both sad and normal deaths every day, so you can’t stay away from death. It’s a necessary part of living.
The first show aired on VGTV on November 9.

Ylvis Death News True of False ?

Brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker make up the dynamic Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis. They have been a comedic force since their start in 2000. Ylvis has won over fans all over the world with their clever satire (shown in “Stories from Norway”) and new musical ideas.

However, new rumors that Ylvis had died have caused a stir. This piece delves into the rumors, looking at the truth behind the news stories and shedding light on the pair’s most recent actions.

Is the news about Ylvis’s death real or fake?

As of right now, there is no reliable information or news that either Vegard or Bård Ylvisåker has died. It’s important to check news from trustworthy sources before believing it to be true in this age of digital lies. It’s not unusual for fake news about celebrities’ deaths to spread, which can make fans worry and get confused.

Adding a surprise turn to the story, Ylvis has teased fans with the new VGTV show “Thank you for everything, Bård Ylvisåker.” The first episode of the show will have the unusual situation of Bård Ylvisåker being at his own fake funeral. There are a lot of clips from the recording going around social media that show Ylvisåker lying in an open grave.

Death Stunt by Ylvis

A fake funeral that was meant to be a joke has gotten a lot of attention. Different emotions have been sparked by video clips from the recording that have been shared on sites like TikTok. Some people find the avant-garde idea funny, but others, like comic Trine Lise Olsen, find it uncomfortable and call it a bad attempt at humor. The disturbing nature of the content is brought up by Olsen, especially for people who have lost loved ones.Stay Tuned With Us

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