What Is Hey Kayla Twitter Video About? Controversy Exlained

Hey Kayla Twitter video is a topic many people are curious to know about. What is it about?

Kayla Nicole Jones is a social media personality best known for her YouTube channel, Nicole TV.

Nicole is a 22-year-old lady and a native of Montgomery, Alabama. She is best known for posting videos, vlogs, and comedic beauty tutorials.

Furthermore, Kayla has over 5.4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is best known for posting comedy and fun stuff on social media.

Kayla Nicole was married to an instagram star, Kye. The pair is the parents of their son Messian Kaylon. However, the pair are now separated as Kayla announced her divorce from Kye in July 2023.

Moreover, Kayla is best known for her channel, Nicole TV. Once, an incident was caught on live and went viral on social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. 

So, today, we will talk about the viral Hey Kayla Twitter video below.

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We can still find some clips of Hey Kayla videos on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

When Kayla was doing live on her Nicole Tv, Lovely Peaches, a TikTok, appeared on live and showed some gross and disturbing behaviors.

Talking about Lovely Peaches is a TikToker, known for uploading some disturbing and dirty content on TikTok. As per the source, her real name is Brittany Jones, and she is in her early twenties,

She uploads weird stuff and disgusting content on social media, like grabbing her shit and eating, rubbing period blood on her face, and many more.

Hey Kayla Twitter VideoKayla Nicoel Jones’s reactions during the life of Nicole TV because of Lovely Peaches’ behaviors. (Sources: Royalclinic, Instagram)

Furthermore, Lovely Peaches flashed her private parts on Instagram Live and many more. So, she is known for committing such weird and dirty things online. She also has a daughter and talks evil things about her.

She has added her baby pictures and has said bad things about her. It is unknown why she did that, but it is weird and evil.

So, talking about the Hey Mama Twitter video, Kayla talked with her viewers when Kayla Nicole Jones was in Nicole TV live.

Later, while talking, some talk about Lovely Peaches began, and later, Lovely Peaches joined the Nicole TV live and said Hey Kyala! and again began doing some gross and dirty behaviors.

Moreover, we can hear Kayla’s screams. It is probably because she saw some weird and disgusting things in her TV live.

Hey Kayla, Twitter Video: Controversy Explained

It was one of the controversial moments for Kayla Nicole Jones because such stuff happened in her, Nicole TV.

Lovely Peaches is one of the controversial people on social media, and why he added her to her live TV show is unknown.

This might be the reason she also received some negative responses from people. Before Lovely Peaches arrives online, we can see Kayla screaming and making jokes while talking about Lovely Peaches.

Hey Kayla Twitter VideoKayla Nicole Jones is a social media influencer. (Source: Distractify)

So, it was a weird situation, and Kayla also had to become a part of it. Many people also have to see such stuff. So, it was a controversial moment for Kayla Nicole Jones.

Such moments cause Kayla and Lovely Peaches to receive negative comments and responses from people.

Overall, the Hey Kayla video went viral on social media. However, it is unavailable now, and disturbing images are avoided in some available video clips. 

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