Who Is Chance Comanche Girlfriend Sakari Harnden? Age Gap And Dating History

Chance Comanche Girlfriend Sakari Harnden: Chance Comanche girlfriend, Sakari Harnden, was arrested on 13 December and is accused of executing a murder plan in Nevada.

Chance Comanche is a talented American professional basketball player.

Most recently, the 27-year-old played with the NBA G League’s Stockton Kings.

The California native was a member of the Arizona Wildcats during his undergraduate career.

The basketball player and his girlfriend, Sakari Harnden, were recently arrested concerning the disappearance and murder of a 23 -year-old woman named Marayna Rodgers.

Following this, people can’t help but wonder who the basketball player’s girlfriend is.

Let’s unpack all the known details about Sakari Harnden.

Sakari Harnden is reportedly the girlfriend of Chance Comanche, an NBA G League player.

Harnden is 19 years old and is 8 years younger than the basketball player, who is 27 years old, as of this writing.

Chance Comanche Girlfriend Sakari Harnden
Chance Comanche Girlfriend Sakari Harnden

As mentioned above, Harnden and Comanche were taken into custody in relation to the abduction and homicide of Marayna Rodgers, a woman from Las Vegas.

On 15 December 2023, Chance Comanche, a professional basketball player, was apprehended and charged with first-degree kidnapping.

He was subsequently detained at the Sacramento County Jail in California, as per the records available online.

In a similar vein, Sakari Harnden was taken into custody on 13 December on a kidnapping charge and was incarcerated at the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, on a Sunday, declared that both Comanche and Harnden were implicated in the murder of Marayna Rodgers.

Rodgers disappeared on 5 December after spending time with friends, as stated by the police.

The detectives, suspecting foul play early in the investigation, gathered evidence leading to the arrest of Harnden and Comanche, implicating them in the abduction and subsequent disappearance of Rodgers.

Sakari Harnden Was Initially Accused Of Kidnapping

Sakari Harnden, the girlfriend of a basketball player, is under scrutiny for allegedly executing a murder plot after kidnapping the victim.

Marayna Rodgers, a medical assistant from Washington and a friend of Sakari, vanished on December 6 during a trip to Sin City.

The victim was last seen getting into a car with Sakari, who had also promised to bring along her boyfriend, Chance Comanche.

Rodgers was reported missing the following day. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) suspected foul play early in the investigation.

Evidence Led Police To Arrest The Couple

It didn’t take the authorities to gather evidence leading to the arrest of the couple for their alleged involvement in Rodgers’ disappearance and abduction.

The charges against Harnden include detaining Rodgers against her will and without her consent with the intent to kill or cause bodily harm, as per the criminal complaint reported by KLAS.

On December 14, Judge Diana Sullivan of the Las Vegas Justice Court set Harnden’s bail at $500K, with conditions including high-level electronic monitoring.

Following their arrest, information led authorities to discover human remains in a desert in Henderson, Nevada.

Furthermore, These remains have been confirmed to be those of Rodgers.

In light of this, the LVMPD announced that the couple’s charges of kidnapping have been upgraded to open murder, in coordination with the Clark County District Attorney’s office.

Sakari Harnden Has A Criminal Record

The basketball player Chance Comanche’s girlfriend has a criminal record.

As the Times Now News reported, the NBA player’s girlfriend was charged with theft in the Las Vegas Justice Court, accused of stealing at least one Rolex watch.

A status check is reportedly scheduled for 19 December. This theft charge is not connected to the kidnapping case.

In conclusion, Sakari Harnden, a basketball player’s girlfriend, is accused of a murder plot involving her friend Marayna Rodgers.

Following Rodgers’ disappearance, evidence led to Harnden’s arrest. Human remains found in Nevada were identified as Rodgers.

This led to Sakari Harnden’s charges being upgraded to open murder. Harnden also faces unrelated theft charges. Stay Tuned

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