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Who Is Franco Cozzo Son Luigi Cozzo? Francesco Cozzo Luigi Cozzo is his son. Since their father died, their names have gotten a lot of attention.

Franco Cozzo died not long ago, on December 20, 2023. He was a popular and well-known furniture store owner in Melbourne, Australia. He was Italian and Australian.

Cozzo moved to Australia in the 1950s after being born in Italy on October 2, 1936. It became famous for him in Melbourne because of his unique style and memorable ads.

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Cozzo’s furniture shops, which were known for their unique styles, became landmarks, and he slowly became a well-known figure in the furniture business.

Many of these fancy pieces were a mix of traditional Italian and modern styles, and Cozzo became famous for being very showy.

“Grand Sale, Grand Sale, Grand Sale” became a catchphrase for his business.

In addition to selling furniture, Cozzo was also a creator of Australia’s first non-English TV show, Carosello. This shows how important he was in areas other than furniture.

Since his sudden death, people are now interested in learning about his family and work. Let’s do that.

The 1990s were a big year for Luigi Cozzo, who is the son of Franco Cozzo and was found guilty of drug transportation.

Luigi brought drugs into the country by hiding them in packages of his dad’s furniture. This news even made people angry at Franco’s business for a while.

Cozzo grew up in Sicily, where his father was a horse seller. When he was 12, his younger sister died of a heart attack, which was very sad.

Cozzo began his journey as a door-to-door seller when he moved to Australia in January 1956.

Because he didn’t speak the language, he learned to find the homes of other Italians, Greeks, and people of other ethnic groups.

This was especially important because Australia had eased the White Australia policy after the war, which had stopped people from non-British Isles countries from coming to live there.

With their eye-catching signs and one-of-a-kind furniture, Franco’s stores became culture icons in Melbourne over the years.

Even though he had some money problems, Cozzo kept his customers coming back and became well-known in the community.

In the 1980s, Cozzo got a divorce from his first wife. He then married again and had a child with his second wife.

He died on December 20, 2023, and was 87 years old. He was survived by his wife and children.

Even though he is dead, his legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of many Melburnians and in the furniture shops that are named after him.

Luigi Cozzo: Wikipedia Age And Arrest Charge

Luigi Cozzo doesn’t have a Wikipedia page like his father does, and no one on the Internet has said how old he is either.

In 1992, Franco Cozzo’s son got into trouble with the law when he was jailed for drug dealing.

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Luigi Cozzo, who was also known as “Lou,” brought drugs into the country by hiding them in his father’s furniture packages.

But in December 2016, Luigi went to the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, where all charges against him were dropped.

Who Is Franco Cozzo Son Luigi Cozzo? Wikipedia, Age And Arrest Charge
It’s not possible to find out much about Luigi Cozzo on Wikipedia because he doesn’t have one. ( Source: Neos kosmos )

In the past, court papers said he had threatened to kill his father on April 22.

The court case started when it was said that Luigi had made threats against his father.

Things took a big turn for the son of Franco Cozzo when the legal issues came up.

Also, it came out in a different court setting that Luigi Cozzo had a problem with using cocaine too much.

This is said to have happened after his father split up with his mother and started a new family with a woman twenty years his younger. He had three children with this woman.

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